UCA has partnered with First Insurance Funding to provide a customized billing solution.

Program Details:

  • UCA issues quote to agency with payment plan options.
  • When UCA binds the policy, FIRST will invoice the insured directly with the option to finance or pay in full.

Total Premium       Installment Fee*
$1,251 – $3,000     $12 Per Installment, NO Interest
$3,000 +                     $15 Per Installment, NO Interest

  • If the insured chooses payment plan, insured will remit the down payment to FIRST.  FIRST will book the loan and bill for the next 10 monthly installments.
  • If the insured pays in full, FIRST will process the payment and no further notices will be issued to the insured or agent.
Making Payments:

Once the Insurance Premium Invoice delivered by FIRST is received by the insured, the below payment methods are available:

Premium Quotes – Available Payment Methods

Pay by Credit Card or ACH/EFT @

Mail in a check to: FIRST Insurance Funding, PO Box 3604, Northbrook IL 60065-3604

Check by Phone: (800) 837-2513

Make your first installment here or pay in full.  You will receive a link to your account payment portal from FIRST if you are making installments.

Pay Now
Whom should I contact with questions at FIRST?

Any questions for quotes or customer accounts placed with FIRST should be directed to the following individuals:
Rosa Gonzalez – Account Executive or (847) 572-4681
Jenelle Herry – Loan Executive or (847) 572-4209
Jeramie Frazier – Loan Executive or (847) 572-4351

Roetha Burgess – Asset Management or (847) 572-4691

For any questions on billing regarding an existing Agency Bill or EZ-Pay account, please contact:
Net Sirimanotham
(714) 228-7888 Ext. 1116 or
For UCA EZ Pay Payments – CLICK HERE