Pacific Pioneer Insurance Group (PPIG)

Pacific Pioneer Insurance Group is the parent company which encompasses all the individual companies (Unico, UCA, PEIM, and PRM).

UCA General Insurance Services, Inc. (UCA) Program Division

UCA General Insurance Services was formed in 1984 to assist Ms. Lan’s fellow Chinese American independent agents integrate into what was at that time a difficult commercial insurance market. Ms. Lan saw a need within these small agencies, and she had the connections and wherewithal to develop a new platform. Today, UCA General is a regional GA and provides Property and Casualty insurance on over 30 Programs. The most well-known are the Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Programs.

With Lin Lan’s experience as an independent insurance broker/agent, she has assured that UCA is sensitive to the needs of independent brokers. UCA’s timely responses to brokers’ requests and questions, its exceptional quality of service and accessibility to UCA’s management, are strong reasons brokers’ return time and again to work with UCA.

Pacific Excess Insurance Marketing, Inc. (PEIM) Specialty Division

In January 2009, UCA spun-off its Specialty Division. Pacific Excess Insurance Marketing is a Wholesaler/General Agent with its primary focus on Standard, Excess & Surplus Lines and Workers' Compensation business. As the former Specialty Business Unit of UCA, the staff of Pacific Excess has over 25 years’ experience working with UCA brokers, now broadening the broker base to include many start-up operations and one person agencies. Pacific Excess will continue with the same commitment to excellence and service as its sister company UCA.

Pacific Excess has many standard and non-standard, admitted & non-admitted contracts with various companies. Brokers can rest assured knowing Pacific Excess will work diligently to find a market for any risk application submitted. Visit our website:

Precision Risk Management, Inc. (PRM)

A Third-Party Claims Administrator and Commercial Property and Liability claims adjustor on policies written through UCA for Century-National Insurance Company and Fortegra Group. PRM was formed in 1985 to extend efficient services to the policyholders of UCA business by providing claims handling, and inspections. PRM is responsible for overseeing more than 15 Field Inspectors at any given time, some of whom have been chosen specifically for their special ethnic language abilities. The Loss Control Manager performs initial training of each Inspector and conducts periodic refresher-training seminars throughout each year to ensure the continued quality and knowledge of the Inspectors. Pacific Legal Center was formed as an in-house legal counsel to handle the defense of Insureds located in the Greater Southern California area relating to claims filed against them concerning Liability losses on which lawsuits have been brought. PLC fights aggressively and professionally on behalf of Insureds to provide the best defense possible and reach the most desired result for our clients.






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